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XXAUUSDApr 12 · 2024
XAU/USD: Gold Hits Record $2,400 as Clouded Rate Cut Outlook Boosts Safe Haven Demand
String of economic data propelled yellow metal to another record on Friday as gold bugs knocked out $2,400 per ounce.
AAAPLApr 12 · 2024
AAPL: Apple Stock Leads Mag 7 Rally as Shares Soar 4.3%. Nasdaq Hits All-Time High.
iPhone maker was sitting on pent-up demand after falling out of the broader upside swing. Now, it’s catching up to peers.
GGBPUSDApr 12 · 2024
GBP/USD: Sterling Flat Near $1.2520 After UK GDP Shows Growth for 2nd Month in a Row
Expansion in manufacturing helped buoy British economy in February. Sterling crowds went mild with barely a blip on the chart.
JJPMApr 11 · 2024
JPM: JPMorgan to Report First-Quarter Earnings Friday. Here’s What to Expect.
After logging its most profitable year, banking giant is expected to post flat earnings growth. Eyes will be on the net interest income.
UUSDJPYApr 11 · 2024
USD/JPY: Dollar Blasts Beyond ¥153.00 to Hit New 34-Year High on Sticky Inflation
Japanese yen is in deep waters now and officials may decide to intervene at any moment.
SSPXApr 11 · 2024
SPX: S&P 500 Falls 1% After Hot March Inflation Slams Rate Cut Prospects
Analysts were expecting inflation to pick up. But consumer prices exceeded the already high expectations. Now rate cuts may not happen this year at all.
DDXYApr 10 · 2024
DXY: Dollar Index Flat Near 104.00 Ahead of US Inflation Data for March
Dollar gauge is waiting for the shakeup with traders anticipating a spike in consumer prices over the past month.
NNVDAApr 10 · 2024
NVDA: Nvidia Stock Drops 10% from Record High. Is the Chip Giant Losing Its Grip?
AI-focused company has lost about $200 billion in market cap in the past two weeks and permabears can finally say “called it.”
XXAUUSDApr 10 · 2024
XAU/USD: Gold Cracks $2,365 to Set New Record on Haven Demand, US CPI Ahead
Precious metal has been gaining weight while markets come to grips with persistent inflation and cloudy rate-cut timeline.
TTSLAApr 09 · 2024
TSLA: Tesla Stock Jumps 5% After Musk Teases Robotaxi Unveiling on August 8
Shares of EV maker erased some of the steep losses from earlier in the year but still it was mostly a blip.